We offer violin lessons
What we cover depends on the student’s age, experience level and interests.
No matter the approach students all students are taught essential skills regarding violin such as:
Aural (Listening) training and recognition.
Finger placement
Finger Dexterity
Note reading
Scales and exercises
Music theory

Violin is very dependant on good listening skills, so you can expect a lot of listening will be needed for this subject. Violin is also known to be unforgiving. While it is a beautiful instrument when mastered, it can sometimes be unrewarding in the beginning. Expect to take a while before to bow sounds angelic when sliding across the strings, but don’t let that put you off. After some time of hard work, the violin is one of the most beautiful sounding instruments. Violin is an exam driven subject, but it is not only for classical music. There are many modern and
contemporary options for violin. Just be prepared to dedicate a lot of practice to this instrument.