Instrumental lessons will cover essential music tuition subjects such as:

  • Instrument specific technique
  • Finger numbers/ dexterity
  • Scales and exercises
  • Rhythm and timing
  • Music note reading and comprehension
  • Note/Sight reading
  • Music theory
  • Aural (listening/playing by ear)
  • Expression

All of our young beginner students are taught from the Succeeding at piano book series. This gives them a great foundation to branch off from later. This beginner process takes anywhere from 1 year – 2.5 years depending on each student’s progress speed. Once completed they can then go on to learn examination material, take a contemporary/relaxed approach or a mix of both. At this point lessons become much more tailored and we help develop our young students understanding of different music genres. All of our teen/adult students lessons are completely tailored to their exact needs. If you fit into
this category and don’t know what you would like to do there is no problem. All of our teachers are more than capable to talk through and help you take a direction best for you.